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A Telescope Pro – Just for You

Welcome to More so than any other telescope dealer, our goal is to make it easy and painless to purchase your very first telescope, or to buy that perfect stargazing gift. Rather than bombard you with an infinite number of complicated options and technical mumbo-jumbo, we've tried to simplify the process and get you on your way to the fun stuff -- enjoying a starry night.

Our Incredible Value Bundles

To help you, our Pros have built fantastic Value Bundles that give you a fantastic "one stop" shopping experience. Our Beginner Bundles are designed to get the novice astronomer up and running quickly and painlessly. Our Kids Paks come with all the extra goodies that children love in a new educational adventure. For those of you ready to dive in, we've got Deluxe Bundles and Ultimate Bundles, packages that put it all together with added savings, so you can start space quest right away. These outstanding packages are a great way to become introduced to astronomy and make it easy for you to get started in backyard stargazing.

We make Learning Easy

We also are proud of our ProZone Learning Center. There, you can learn all about telescope and get the information you need to buy the right scope the first time. Whether you are buying telescope for kids, or you need to know more about telescope accessories and options, or you just want the basics Telescope 101 introduction, we've got the answer you need. And, of course, our Pros are ready your question by phone at 1-855-PROSCOPE (1-855-776-7267).

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